WE WON! Mayor indefinitely halts Zilker Vision Plan.
Zilker Vision Plan

City Council will vote on your behalf on 8/31


Austin has 10 districts, each district’s residents elects 1 person to represent them in City Council. Including the Mayor, Austin has 11 City Council representatives. City Council makes various important votes and decisions on our behalf, including voting on the Zilker Vision Plan. 

While it can feel powerless, remember… we chose who is and who is not in City Council.

With that in mind, here are the steps you can take to have a significant impact in saving Zilker Park:

1. Email City Council

Tell your elected representative how you’d like them to vote on your behalf, and put pressure on them by letting them know if they’ll be losing your vote based on their decision. 

Use our City Council Lookup tool to help you find your district and their contact information.

City Council Lookup

Enter your address in the form below to find your City Council representative’s contact info.

2. Join us at City Hall 8/31

City Council will vote on the Zilker Vision Plan after hearing public comments, so bring your voice! Public comment will begin at 2pm. We expect the City Council vote to begin around 6pm.

This will be a long day, feel free to come and go. People are welcome to speak to council, bring signs, and support from the audience, the lobby, or the street. All of it is needed.

Save Zilker Park City hall Rally 8/31

3. Spread the word

Sadly, many Austinites still don’t know about the Zilker Vision Plan, and we believe that is by design. The City originally wanted to pass this in July. 

Tell your friends, tell your family, and encourage them to do the same!

Zilker Vision Plan

A note about petitions

Once City Council makes an official decision, we can execute a formal petition. Until then, it is unclear what the petition language needs to be. If City Council does not vote down the Zilker Vision Plan, we will initiate a formal petition, which will require 20,000 physical Travis County voter signatures. So…get your pens ready just in case.