WE WON! Mayor indefinitely halts Zilker Vision Plan.
Zilker Vision Plan

Has ACL Outgrown Zilker Park?

Now that we’re out of the 100º weather, C3/LiveNation closes Zilker Park’s Great Lawn beginning 9/23 in preparation for Austin City Limits (ACL). Austinites can expect most closures to remain through the rest of the year for Trail of Lights. This summer we had 78 days over 100º. For those counting, that is 4 months the […]

The Battle for Zilker Park

The Battle for Zilker Park by Texas Monthly

Austin’s signature green space is at the center of a long-running debate over how much the city should cling to its past as it prepares for the future.  

Watson voices skepticism of Zilker Plan

I don’t support a big amphitheater on the Great Lawn. We’ve proven you don’t need such a thing to have amazing shows there. And we just opened a pretty cool amphitheater in downtown at Waterloo Park. Plus, we can, and should, upgrade and make improvements at the current Hillside Theatre. I also don’t support putting […]

Confusion over Zilker Park vision plan has Austinites concerned

For the last few years, the Zilker Park Vision Plan has been a controversial one. Including new parking initiatives and structures in the park and near Barton Springs, the plan, in its many iterations, has been decried as pandering to either a technocratic version of Austin’s future, the Live Nation/C3 music industrial complex, or both.